EZICHEQ for Scaffolding Companies

Learn how EZICHEQ can help you manage inspection records for your scaffolding, and increase compliance, productivity and growth in your scaffolding business.

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EZICHEQ for Scaffolding Companies

No more paper-based checklists, inspection records or double-handling. Attach files such as scaffold handovers and gearlists.

Preconfigured item types for common types of scaffolding.

See our sample scaffolding checklists

All inspections are timestamped and geolocated. Also attach photos to prove scaffold condition at time of inspection.

Empower your clients to 'selfcheck' their scaffolds before use, and take ownership for the safety of their scaffold.

Easily run reports for proof of item safety history, e.g. for client, insurance or Worksafe purposes

Increase efficiency by connecting EZICHEQ with your other business systems using our API or our code-free Zapier integration