For Business

Team Asset Management

EZICHEQ knows that your greatest asset is your team, so we make our smart labels with them in mind

Assign assets to your team

Create accountability for maintaining assets

Geolocate the last registered position of items

Create custom checklists specific to your items

Overall improve your teamwork

Continuous Safety

At EZICHEQ we have incorporated the compliance testing process into our labels. Whether you test & tag internally or externally or not at all, we have the solution. Traditional test and tag or asset certifications provide a snapshot of an item's safety at the time of testing, which doesn't guarantee future safety.

With EZICHEQ, the equipment safety cycle is continuous and empowers each user with accountability for the safety of the item they use. In the unlikely event of an incident, you can demonstrate safe operating procedures were carried out and acknowledged before use, and that regular checks are undertaken.

Easy to use on the run


All item details are securely stored and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, using the online EZICHEQ platform.


EZICHEQ allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to view an item's basic details (like the last test date) and complete a selfcheck without needing a login. Only administrative tasks or in-depth reporting requires a login.


Every time an EZICHEQ label is scanned, it's location is updated using the GPS location feature within the user's smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether a selfcheck is fully completed. It provides a significant benefit for a fraction of the cost of full GPS technology.