EZICHEQ for Building Compliance IQPs

Learn how EZICHEQ can help you manage checklists and inspection history for your buildings, and increase productivity and growth in your building compliance business.

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EZICHEQ for Building Compliance IQPs

No more paper-based checklists, inspection records or double-handling

Create customised checklists for each specified system that you inspect

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Attach photos to your inspections to improve records and document issues or faults

Attach commonly used files to specified systems or directly to building records for ease of reference

Easily run reports for proof of testing activity to clients or local authorities

Increase efficiency by connecting EZICHEQ with your other business systems using our API or our code-free Zapier integration

User Testimonial - Building Compliance

Hear from Jamie Ambrose - Director of B&M Fire - about their experience implementing EZICHEQ and the impact it has had on their business.

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