Makes compliance easy

Providing anyone with the tools to easily check, maintain and demonstrate the safety of their assets and equipment

How does it work

  • EZICHEQ has a range of smart and cost-effective labels to attach to any item.
  • When scanned with a smartphone it will showcase the items unique information, latest safety records and user details.
  • Assign items with custom checklists that pop up and prompt users of any pre-start requirements to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • Access your online asset register anywhere, anytime and know that your information is kept safe and secure.
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What are the benefits

Know what you have, where it is, and is it safe to use

Staying on top of your equipment and compliance can be a full time job. EZICHEQ pulls all of your items into one platform and ensures you stay in control of them.

It's easy to use

With EZICHEQ, determining if the item is fit for purpose is easy. No more searching asset numbers or shuffling paper, just scan the unique QR code on the item and complete the assigned checklists.

Demonstrate Safety evidence

Incidents happen. EZICHEQ is a robust and secure audit process which minimises liability and peace of mind is at your fingertips.

What gets noticed gets done

Give your team the ability to check items correctly and alert if there are any issues. Hold people accountable, and make sure that preventable maintenance is happening instead of reactive maintenance.

What are other people saying?

We are here to help

EZICHEQ was born into local businesses with the aim of creating efficiencies. We will help plan, implement and support you through the entire process.


Asset register

A complete live register of all assets and fully searchable by multiple categories. Includes all history of compliance in one simple to use web based location.

Self checks & certified checks

Prescribed or self tailored checklist configurable to any asset of category of asset which gives full flexibility and fit for purpose proof.


Any check will trigger a geolocation of the asset which means assets can be located to their last known location.

Attach files & photos

Attach files and photos to items or checklists that can provide extra information to the item.


Any failed check will notify the designated person assigned to that asset or group.


Receive alerts that an action is due or coming up to ensure compliance is kept up to date.


Individualise your own reports, save these and send them to pdf to share with your team. What gets noticed gets managed.

Allocate assets

Assign assets or categories to an individual or line manager to ensure actions are being completed and accountability is held.

Compliance & security

Records of checks are stored securely and indefinitely for the asset or label if ever required to provide evidence.

Lost or stolen option

Turn your items into lost / stolen mode. If scanned you will be altered where it is and maybe who has it.

Reassign label

If a label is lost or damaged it can be simply transferred to a new label ensuring all history carries forward for the item.

Public available data

Anyone can view the item details and check history but can not edit, which easily communicates if it is fit for purpose.


At a glance, see the status of all items in the live dashboard.


Full API function so EZICHEQ can talk to your platforms. Use the Zapier integration for an easy connection.

Multiple checklist

More than one checklist can be added to an asset / smart label.


Define your equipment and assets into groups so easy searching and reporting around these groups can happen.